2014 - 15 SEASON


Previews and Articles

September 2013: A Review of Big Bad Wolfe! "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Actor Rene Auberjonois Bring Tom Wolfe to Life" by Colleen Bement, examiner.com

April 2013: Bless the Beasts, A Review by Lisa Bornstein

December 2012: A Review of Making Merry"Stories on Stage (Holiday Edition)" by Kim Betzner, 303 Magazine

November 2012: A Review of Fixated"Stories of Obsession" by Kim Betzner, 303 Magazine

November 2012: "James Avery, 'Fresh Prince's' Uncle Phil, takes the stage this weekend in Denver" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

October 2012: Boulder Writers' Workshop: "Creating a Theatre of the Mind" by Amy K. Nichols

October 2012: Feast on these stories: Chefs, writers and actors tell their best food tales at "Feed Your Soul" event By Kristen Browning-Blas, Denver Post

October 2012: Amanda M. Faison's Post on 5280 about Feed Your Soul: Stories from the Kitchen

October 2012: Boulder County shows mix food, art and theater by Cindy Sutter, Daily Camera

September 2012: "Kitchen Stories", Yellow Scene Magazine

September 12, 2012: "Stories on Stage brings a little mayhem into your weekend" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

July 20, 2012: "CMF program goes 'beyond' the planets” by Kelly Dean Hansen, Daily Camera

May 3, 2012:
"Celebrate Small Victories with Stories on Stage” by Deb Flomberg, DTE

March 9 2012:
"Stories on Stage shakes things up with Distant Voices on Sunday” by Juliet Wittman, Westword

March 9, 2012:
"Distant Voices: Sad story of nun Alicia Ramirez's mother leads to Patrocino e Yo
By Claire Martin, Denver Post

February 28, 2012:
"Stories on Stage presents digital storytelling" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

January 19, 2012:
"Short and Sweet" by Susan Froyd, Westword

January 19, 2012:
"Very very very short stories w. Buntport Theater and Stories on Stage" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

November 28, 2011:
"Stories on Stage is Making Merry" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

November 11, 2011:
"Stories on Stage pays respects to veterans" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

October 21, 2011:
"Stories on Stage celebrates local talent" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

September 22, 2011:
"Tell Me a Story" by Amber Taufen, Westword

September 19, 2011:
"Stories on Stage meets L.A. Law" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

April 28, 2011:
"Get Crazy in Love with Stories on Stage" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

April 27, 2011:
Weekend foreCAST: He Said/She Said pick Crazy in Love

April 25, 2011:
"Stories on Stage celebrates 10th season in Boulder" by Mark Collins, Daily Camera

March 16, 2011:
"Stories on Stage" takes you Far Away From Home" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

January 27, 2011:
"Story Time" by Jef Otte, Westword
(About Cuentame un Cuentito/Tell Me a Story, a bilingual program that integrates folk tales, music, dance and projections for a performance that encourages literacy.)

January 5, 2011:
"Gilda Radner: A Sort of Love Story coming for two performances only" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

December 16, 2010:
He Said/She Said’s Top Ten Denver Productions of 2010

December 9, 2010:
"What is Your Recipe for Making Merry?" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

November 17, 2010:
"Theatre -- Pure and Simple" by He Said/She Said Critiques

November 11, 2010:
"Check out these Secrets & Lies" by Deb Flomberg, DTE

October 18, 2010:
"Stories on Stage is a telling experience" By A.H. Goldstein, Westword

October 16, 2010:
"Stories on Stage is your chance to get lost in the world of fiction" by Deb Flomberg, Denver Theater Examiner (DTE)

August 17, 2010:
"Stories on Stage Presents Creative Solutions" by He Said/She Said Critiques

October 30, 2009:
"Stories on Stage tells tale of local cancer caregivers" by John Moore, Denver Post


Click here for a Colorado Matters segment as Ryan Warner talks with The Stories of Your Life Director Anthony Powell & Denver Post Writer Claire Martin: Colorado Matters

Anthony Powell was interviewed about Stories on Stage by Comcast.

During our September 26 performance of Nobody Likes a Smartass we visited with two actors, Frank Corrado & Rachel Fowler, about reading a story to a live audience.  Take a look into our unique artform from the actor's point-of-view by visiting our video on YouTube.

Following our June 7 performance of We Are PHAMALy, there are two video clips posted on YouTube.  One is part of the audience talk-back following a performance.  The second are one-on-one interviews between Norma Moore, Stories on Stage's artistic director, and actors from PHAMALy.  The Physically Handicapped Actors and Musical Artists League (PHAMALY) is a theatre group and touring company that performs throughout the greater Denver area. As a not-for-profit membership organization, PHAMALY is dedicated to producing traditional theatre in nontraditional ways.

In June, 2009, Denver's Stories on Stage released a video of clips from some of our shows along with a complete story on DVD, "Some of Us Have Been Threatening Our Friend Colby" by Donald Barthelme, read by John Hutton. To see the clip, click here. To get your own copy of the DVD, call 303.494.0523.

On March 14, 2008, Denver's Stories on Stage received the first-ever Community Inclusiveness Award from the American Red Cross Mile High Chapter. Click here to watch the video:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=vPDVajvZttg

Stories on Stage has a history of producing shows about issues important to our community, including slavery in America, mental health, homelessness, and addiction.  Here is a montage of special moments from the show we created on addiction and recovery, Addiction-Free:  The Road from Hell.